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3d areola restoration Unveiled Ink Artistry, Charlotte, NC

Permanent and realistic 3D areola tattooing for any type of breast reconstruction including mastectomies, breast lifts/reductions, implant or explant surgery, gender affirmation & areola color enhancement and neutralization

scar camouflage tummy tuck mommmy makeover Unveiled Ink Artistry, Charlotte, NC

A tattoo technique where pigment that matches your skin tone is implanted into your dermis to create a uniform, even skin tone, color and texture.

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stretchmark camouflage Unveiled Ink Artistry, Charlotte, NC

Often an inkless approach involving results driven solutions to concealing striations within the surrounding skin. Occasionally done with the addition of a dilution of camouflage pigment for the most natural result

scar therapy scar lightening scar neutralization Unveiled Ink Artistry, Charlotte, NC

Post surgery scar care to help neutralize dark and red scars. Also sometimes scheduled preliminary to scar camouflage tattoos involving ink.

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undereye rejuvenation Unveiled Ink Artistry, Charlotte, NC

A custom nano-needling procedure done to rejuvenate the under-eye area to alleviate dark cicles, puffiness, sagging skin. This micro version of microneedling is a minimally invasive way to promote collagen production in the eye area to improve the appearance 

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