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dark scar therapy.JPG

Dark Scars

Hyper-pigmented scars are totally normal and are more commonly found in more melanated skin of Fitz 3 -6. Unveiled Ink Artistry CAN NOT ethically provide camouflage tattoo services to conceal darker scars initially because it has been proven to be ineffective for longevity. It is deceiving for any artist to claim they can conceal dark scars with lighter tones pigments without further compromising the tissue and creating additional post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This will create a poor result on darker skin and will more than likely leave the client more dissatisfied than they were initially. Targeting pigmentation issues through exfoliating and product usage is effective in improving the texture and color of the skin to create a better baseline prior to electing for scar camouflage.


After Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy appointments involve a combination of several techniques such as Precision Microneedling, enzyme exfoliants, LED light therapy, Microcurrent as well as low grade chemical peels. Each appointment is accompanied by a custom product regiment intended for consistent use between sessions. This service can be useful as a preliminary measure to mitigate scar formation in the early stages of healing. Eligible scars may be  from elective or medically necessary surgery or created from any unfortunate accident. A consultation is always necessary to determine WHEN a scar may be ready to be worked on no matter the client's desired service. Please convenience yourself with loose comfortable clothing for and after the appointment. Do not use any product of any kind for the first 24 hours. It is important to avoid any friction, sweat, swimming and heat during the initial phases of healing. You may only use the designated pump/foam cleanser to dab the area clean at least twice a day. If you are given anything that has Vitamin C in it for product protocol you can start using this on day 3, in the morning as a solo application under an unscented ointment or moisturizer. Then again on day 5, and every other day 1 week after Scar Therapy. Every other product  provided at additional sessions must wait until the one week check in for approval of use. * Remember: Active Ingredients are only recommended for use at night time and are not intended to combine with any other products unless stated otherwise!


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