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Gate-Keeping on Post-op scarring

One thing I try to incorporate into my business the most is transparency. In my personal experience healing after surgery 10 years ago I felt that scar care was an after-thought. I wasn't educated on what to expect on how to manage much of my recovery, especially my scarring. I think it is really important to factor in the cost of post-op scar care into your surgery estimate. A good rule of thumb would be to assume your Restorative Tattoo procedure(s) will cost about 20-30% of what you may have spent with a plastic surgeon. This cost is essentially broken up in multiple sessions scheduled a minimum of 8 weeks apart which is how long scars take to heal between each session. Another way that I try to make my service affordable for every client's income bracket is collecting a booking fee upon scheduling and crediting that fee toward the remainder due at the time of your appointment. I would love for anyone who is fresh out of bandages to come for a consultation to learn about their options regarding scar care and Restorative Camouflage Tattoos!


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